A Circle of Excellence…Your DFW Chapter

Webster defines circle as a perfect round shape and excellence as the quality of being outstanding.  Based on these definitions, to qualify for being in a Circle of Excellence program, one must be perfectly balanced in being outstanding.  HDI has a Circle of Excellence program for Local chapters to show chapters that are performing at a level of quality that exceeds expectations.  Chapters must hold regular meetings, both with the members and the board, be financially sound, and provide valuable content to its members via a newsletter or blog.  Chapters can also go a step further by having the members take a survey about the health of a chapter and these chapters go to the President’s Circle, which is even more prestigious than Circle of Excellence.

This year, again, your DFW HDI Chapter has made it to the President’s Circle!!!  We could not have done it without our members help.  Your valuable feedback helps us provide relevant content and speakers at our meetings.  We strive always to ensure our members are seeing benefit to being part of HDI and being in the President’s circle shows you feel that way too!!

Thanks for your support and we look forward to continuing serving you at this level!