Party Time, Excellent…DFW HDI Awards Banquet

What a night!!! It has almost been a week since the DFW HDI Awards Banquet and I am still thinking about that food LOL.  Oh and the supplier showcase and the winners and the nominees….but that food.  🙂

It was another great night for all. It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up so nice being honored for the great work they do.  Our suppliers who joined us at the Supplier Showcase were AWESOME!!!!  How cool to get to hang out, have some apps, and drink some drinks with all the suppliers before the dinner.  I loved all the swag they gave out too!!!!  A HUGE Thanks to all the suppliers who came out!!!

OK, so now the banquet. It was so cool to see all the tables full and everyone celebrating the successes of everyone else.  I loved the noisemakers and the signs!!!!  Great work with the celebration!!!!  And the food was AH-MAZING!  ICC outdid theirselves again with that food.  Shout out to Charles who runs the kitchen….you are the BOMB !!!  (Do the kids still say that now-a-days 🙂 ).

Now on to the WINNERS of the evening!! I think everyone is a winner if you get nominated because it is so hard to be that person in your company whom everyone goes to for help.  SO hats off to everyone who was nominated!!  But we did crown some winners at the banquet.  Below are their headshots so you can pick them out in a crowd.  A BIG CONGRATS to them and good luck to the two going on to Regionals to compete!!!

After the banquet, we had casino night and gambled away some “money” 🙂 .  I didn’t win much, but I sure did have fun!  Thanks to all who stayed and played…the more the merrier!!!

Another great night I believe was had by all. I hate that we only party like this once a year, but we do have monthly meetings that have partying going on…just at a smaller scale.  Join us after the New Year at our January meeting.  More information can be found at

Until next time, go eat some Figgy Pudding 🙂

Wes McKnight
Paulla Goines (Winner AOY)
George James
Eilin Avina
Cameron Taylor
Abbey Wilson (Winner DSTOY)